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Blood Rain

An Aurelio Zen Mystery by Michael Dibdin

Zen finds himself living out his worst nightmare when he is posted to Sicily, the home of the Mafia.

An unidentified, decomposed corpse has been discovered on a train in a disused railway siding near the coast to the north of Catania and Zen has been sent to investigate.
In the shadow of Etna, the city of Catania,
 where Zen has been sent

Also on the island, to install a new computer system for the police, is Carla, a woman who believes she is Zen’s daughter. Although Zen knows this is not the case he does not tell Carla because he enjoys spending time with her.

Readers must brace themselves for having to unravel some complex plotting as it is at times difficult to keep track of the different crime families involved in the story.

Zen is not just fighting the Mafia as a single organisation, he is coming up against different groups at war with each other and he ends up caught in the middle.

But the novel contains some excellent descriptions of Sicily and Sicilian people and their way of life, and everything falls into place by the end. As usual, Zen has to cope with some corruption within the police, but he finds a way to right the wrongs and set the record straight for the warring Mafia clans.

Although some of the deaths affect Zen personally, the book is also at times entertaining and amusing and a very good read.

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