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The Death of Faith

A Commissario Brunetti novel by Donna Leon

Commissario Guido Brunetti offers to make some enquiries about unexpected deaths at a care home in Venice after he is visited at his office by a former nun.
Beguiling Venice, where dark secrets can lurk

Maria Testa, who was known as Suor Immacolata when she used to care for Brunetti's aged mother, believes everything is not what it should be at the home she used to work in.

Having now relinquished her vocation, she is living her life in the outside world again, but remains so troubled by what she has witnessed that she asks for Brunetti's help.

He sets out to make his enquiries having complete faith in Maria's honesty and sincerity, but finds no obvious cause for concern.  

Is Maria simply creating a problem to justify abandoning her vows? Or, has she stumbled on to something deeply-rooted and sinister that will put her own life in danger?

As usual Brunetti finds himself working in an imperfect system and has to use his own skills and ingenuity to  eventually bring the wrongdoers to justice.

This is another tale by Donna Leon where the reader can enjoy her descriptions of the beauty of Venice while simultaneously being shocked by the corruption lying beneath the surface that she reveals.

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