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Magdalen Nabb

Magdalen Nabb

(Born 16 January, 1947 in Lancashire. Died 18 August, 2007 in Florence.)

Magdalen Nabb studied art and pottery in Manchester and went on to teach at an art school. In 1975 she moved to Florence to work on her pottery and began writing after meeting the Carabinieri officer who was to become the model for her series character, Marshal Guarnaccia. Her first novel Death of an Englishman was published in 1981. Magdalen Nabb lived near a Carabinieri station in Florence and would occasionally visit it to have a chat about crime in the city with the officers. She died in Florence after suffering a stroke at the age of 60.

Maresciallo Guarnaccia novels

  1. Death of an Englishman  (1981)
  2. Death Of A Dutchman  (1982)
  3. Death in Springtime  (1983)
  4. Death in Autumn  (1985)
  5. The Marshall and the Murderer  (1987)
  6. The Marshall and the Madwoman  (1988)
  7. The Marshal's Own Case  (1990)
  8. The Marshal Makes His Report  (1991)
  9. The Marshal at the Villa Torrini  (1993)
  10. The Monster Of Florence  (1996)
  11. Property Of Blood (1999)
  12. Some Bitter Taste  (2002)
  13. The Innocent  (2005)
  14. Vita Nuova  (2008)

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