A good detective story taking place in a beautiful part of Italy is a real treat for people who enjoy reading crime mysteries and also happen to love Italy. Use this website to find out more about the locations, the lifestyle and the food and the wine experienced by the characters created by your favourite authors.

Valerio Varesi


(Born in 1959 in Turin, Italy)

Valerio Varesi was taken by his parents to live in their native city of Parma at the age of three and he grew up and was educated there. After graduating in philosophy from the University of Bologna , he became a journalist, eventually working as the Parma correspondent for both La Stampa and La Repubblica. He began writing crime novels in the 1990s and created the protagonist he has become known for, Commissario Soneri.

Commissario Soneri novels translated into English by Joseph Farrell:

1. River of Shadows (2010)
2. The Dark Valley (2012)
3. Gold, Frankincense and Dust (2012)
4. A Woman Much Missed (2017)
5. The Lizard Strategy (2018)

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