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Marco Vichi

Marco Vichi

(Born 20 November, 1957 in Florence, Italy)

Marco Vichi is the author of numerous novels and two collections of short stories. He has also written for newspapers, radio and magazines, edited and contributed to crime anthologies and written screen plays and music lyrics. 

English readers know him for the six novels featuring his Florentine detective, Inspector Bordelli, that have been published in English, including Death in Florence, which won four prizes in Italy. Like Andrea Camilleri's Montalbano mysteries, Vichi's novels have been translated by Stephen Sartarelli. He has written three more Bordelli novels yet to be published in English. 

Born in Florence in 1957, Vichi amused himself by writing stories from an early age but it was not until 1999, at the age of 41, that he had his first novel published. Inspector Bordelli appeared for the first time in 2002, in a novel simply titled Il commissario Bordelli, which was published in the UK nine years later, rebranded Death in August.

All the Bordelli stories are set in the Florence of the 1960s, the decade in which Vichi grew up.  In an interview in 2005, Vichi said his detective has some of his own characteristics but also aspects of his father's personality.

He has worked on a number of projects for humanitarian causes and now lives in the Chianti hills, the area of Tuscany between Florence, Siena and Arezzo.

Inspector Bordelli novels in English:

  1. Death in August (2011)
  2. Death and the Olive Grove (2012)
  3. Death in Sardinia (2012)
  4. Death in Florence (2013)
  5. Death in the Tuscan Hills (2015)
  6. Ghosts of the Past (2018)
(Marco Vichi portrait by Iari Marcelli via Wikimedia Commons)

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