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Donna Leon

Donna Leon

(Born in 1942 in New Jersey, USA)

Donna Leon is the author of the best-selling Commissario Guido Brunetti series set in Venice . A University lecturer in English Literature by profession, she has lived in Venice for 30 years. Her novel Friends in High Places won the CWA Silver Dagger award.

Commissario Brunetti novels

1. Death At La Fenice (1992) Review
2. Death In A Strange Country (1993) Review
3. The Anonymous Venetian (retitled Dressed for Death) (1994)
4. A Venetian Reckoning (retitled Death and Judgment) (1996)
5. Acqua Alta (1996)
7. A Noble Radiance (1998)
8. Fatal Remedies (1999)
10. A Sea Of Troubles (2001)
11. Willful Behaviour (2002)
12. Uniform Justice (2003)
13. Doctored Evidence (2004)
14. Blood From A Stone (2005)
18. About Face (2009)
21. Beastly Things (2012)
22. The Golden Egg (2013)
Other novels

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