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The Salati Case – crime novel by Tobias Jones

First Castagnetti novel by Tobias Jones

Set in Parma in northern Italy, this novel introduces us to a private detective called Castagnetti, known to his friends as Casta.

Written in the first person, the book takes us around Parma in Emilia-Romagna as Castagnetti conducts an investigation on behalf of a notary to verify that a missing person is actually dead.

Castagnetti is a loner and has had a hard life and he doesn’t do things by the book, but once he starts on an investigation he has to see it through however much opposition he runs into. At one stage in the novel he is given a severe beating for crossing swords with the wrong person.

As the case progresses it becomes more important for Castagnetti to get justice for the missing person than to just verify his death so that an estate can be settled. Before long he is reopening wounds and exposing family secrets as he moves around a city that for most of the time is covered with a blanket of fog.

Once he has started, there is no stopping Castagnetti until he has got some kind of justice for the victim.

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(Picture of Parma by DEZALB from Pixabay)