A good detective story taking place in a beautiful part of Italy is a real treat for people who enjoy reading crime mysteries and also happen to love Italy. Use this website to find out more about the locations, the lifestyle and the food and the wine experienced by the characters created by your favourite authors.

Michele Giuttari

Michele Giuttari

(Born in 1950 in Messina, Italy.)

After studying for a degree in Jurisprudence, Michele Giuttari joined the Polizia di Stato, rising to become head of the police in Florence between 1995 and 2003. During this time he reopened the Monster of Florence case and was responsible for jailing several key Mafia figures. After retiring from the Polizia di Stato he turned his hand to crime writing.

Michele Ferrara novels

1.      A Florentine Death (2007) Review
2.      A Death In Tuscany (2008)
3.      The Death of a Mafia Don (2009)
4.      A Death in Calabria (2010)
5.      The Black Rose Of Florence (2012)
6.      The Dark Heart of Florence  (2013)
7.      Death Under a Tuscan Sun (2015)

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