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Voice of the Violin

An Inspector Montalbano Mystery by Andrea Camilleri 

When Montalbano discovers the dead body of a naked woman by accident in an uninhabited villa on the edge of town, he is determined to find out why she was murdered and bring her killer to justice.

He meets up with her friend, Anna, who puts him on the trail of the victim's much older husband, who is a respected doctor, her lover, who is an antiques dealer, and the friends she has made while establishing a holiday home for herself in Sicily.

The Inspector is attracted to Anna, but he has his chaotic personal life to deal with at the same time. When he is taken off the case by the Commissioner based at police headquarters, who dislikes him, he has to investigate the case unofficially to make sure the right person is accused of the murder.

There are plenty of meals featuring Sicilian specialities for Montalbano to enjoy before the ‘voice of the violin’ helps him arrive at the truth.

It is another funny, clever mystery by Camilleri set against the colourful backdrop of Sicily .

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(Sicily picture by Peter H from Pixabay)

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