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Acqua Alta - crime novel by Donna Leon

A Commissario Brunetti novel by Donna Leon

This story featuring Commissario Brunetti made readers all over the world familiar with the Italian term for high tides in Venice.

Against the backdrop of a city under siege from acqua alta, literally high water, Brunetti sets out to investigate the savage attack on Brett Lynch, an American resident he got to know through one of his earlier cases.

The Commissario discovers that the victim, as well as being given a savage beating, had been threatened by her attackers and warned not to keep an appointment she had made with the director of the museum at the Doge’s Palace.

As Brunetti investigates further, he uncovers a web of smuggling, fraud and murder.

Meanwhile the rain continues to fall on an already flooded city, hampering his enquiries and adding to the tension.

One of Donna Leon’s most famous novels, Acqua Alta tells a gripping story and skilfully conveys the atmosphere of Venice in the grip of winter floods.

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